Distant Learning

Nagata Dance offers a unique dance curriculum on Zoom that inspires children's creativity and joy through live interaction and movement while building a strong sense of community.

Art, and especially dance, is important as children return to distant learning because it encourages exercise and safe mechanisms for releasing emotions.

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The benefits.

·       The structure, rules and vocabulary set forth in Nagata Dance Zoom classes are helpful for classroom teachers to use during their daily lessons.

·       Nagata Dance adapts curriculum to support each unique group of students. Tell us what you want to see!

·       Live dance classes enable children to feel connected to their community and participate in meaningful and fun interactions with their schoolmates when in-person recess is not an option

·       Nagata Dance Zoom classes smooth the transition from distance learning to in-person hybrid school with gestures that can express emotions while wearing a mask, a clear understanding of what it means to be “far apart” or “spread out,” and happy dance moves that acknowledge and welcome each other through dance and movement instead of hugs and being too close. 

Students will...

·       Express feelings creatively through interactive movement activities

·       Develop a sense of community and shared experience by playing dance games as part of small group teams, and working toward a goal as a large group to memorize dance moves

·       Exercise spacial awareness by avoiding furniture while dancing, and selecting smart spaces to move 

·       Be accountable for participating fully in all activities, with live call-outs and fun attention-grabbers that help students stay engaged