Scholarship Request Form

Request a scholarship to Nagata Dance Studio

Please note: there are very limited amount of scholarships. If you are able to donate to our scholarship fund, please click here the donate now button below.

Need based scholarship.

Please provide your current classroom teacher, fiscal administrator or school secretary that can verify your financial need status.






Scholarships and it’s Criteria

All scholarship dancers are recommended by a teacher, director or principal and demonstrate the following:

Dancer’s Desire:  child has expressed interest in dancing more both verbally by communicating with a Nagata Dance Faculty member and by being physically attentive and engage in all Nagata Dance classes

Dancer’s Attendance record thus far:  demonstrates family’s commitment to take full advantage of this Nagata Dance opportunity to further their child’s education in dance

Dancer’s Perseverance:  Studio classes are especially challenging and great improvement is demonstrated especially due to the individual focus and challenges each child is given.  It is essential that dancer’s have the ability to continue to try when presented with difficult steps or patterns of movement

Adaptability:  Studio dancers often perform and are amongst children who do not attend their school.  Dancers must have the ability to be flexible, open and curious in new environments


Scholarships are based on the above criteria and can not be applied to additional costs like costume fees.  Scholarships are for tuition only.  They can not be transferred to another person or combined with any other discounted rate.  If your dancer is approved for a scholarship, you will be notified via email and will receive a coupon code that is good for 24 hours.  Scholarships do not roll over to the next season, however dancers are able to apply for scholarship three times per calendar year.

For scholarships to be applied, parents must pay in full upfront using our online registration and credit card.  We do not offer any refunds or make up days for missed classes.  In medical and family emergencies, we have offered partial credit that can be used for a Nagata Dance class or camp with in 6 months of the issued date.

If attendance is poor (3 or more absences in one season), you will not be considered for scholarship again.  Scholarship students are expected to be stellar examples of good learners with full commitment to becoming better dancers.

If granted a scholarship to dance at Nagata Dance Studio, I understand and will abide by the above scholarship terms.