Request to be a Super Star Helper, Junior Counselor or Counselor

Thank you for your interest in helping during the summer.

Super Star Helpers, Junior Counselors and Counselors are selected on a first come first serve basis once payment has been received.

PLEASE NOTE: For super star helpers and junior counselors, register and pay for summer dance camp before we confirm your request.


There are many responsibilities in being a camp counselor that involve both administration work and working directly with the campers. 

These duties will include:

Preparing name tags and T-shirts for the camper

Cleaning (sweeping, vacuuming and mopping the dance studio)

Leading quiet games in the meeting room especially for the younger dancers who need more time to rest

Taking the little ones to the bathroom at the studio, in the park or at a public location if necessary

Helping struggling dancers by tutoring them individually

Welcoming the campers and their parents

Preparing snack, water bottles and dance safety vest on a daily basis

Creating and leading all inclusive after care games for a small group of children

Encouraging and facilitating in friendships that include all campers, but especially the shy dancers

Taking attendance

Setting up chairs for the performance

Taking videos and photos of the campers

Printing, copying, hole punching and folding

Dumping garbage in the dumpster

Post posters and promotional material around Japantown

Talking to the shy campers and making them feel comfortable

Inputting data and contact information to text or email camper parents

Super star helpers and Junior Counselors must register and pay for dance camp.  Once they hav

Nagata Dance Liability Waiver

 I hereby waive and release Nagata Dance Company Inc. and all participants on behalf of Nagata Dance Company Inc. from any and all actions, causes of action, claims, demands, costs, loss of services, expenses and compensation, on account of, or in any way growing out of, any and all known and unknown personal injuries, property damage and intangible damage resulting or to result from or by reason arising out of my use of Nagata Dance Company Inc. I agree that if I am engaged in a class I am doing so at my own risk and I agree to release Corrine Nagata, Nagata Dance Company Inc. and their employees harmless from any harm that I may incur at Nagata Dance Studio or through Nagata Dance Company Inc. I hereby grant Nagata Dance Company Inc. the unrestricted right to take, use and publish photographs, video or audio recordings which may be used for editorial, fundraising and/or promotional and advertising purposes and in any manner and medium. And Nagata Dance Company Inc. the right to alter and composite the same without restriction and without my inspection or approval. I agree that there is to be no financial compensation for said use or publication, and hereby release Nagata Dance Company Inc. and persons functioning under its authority from all claims and liability relating to the same.  

Rules for Superstar Helper, Junior Counselor and Counselor

1- Superstar Helpers, Junior Counselors and Counselors need to be role models for other campers.  Teachers are happy to explain directions and answer questions helpers might have (Write them on the dry eraser board).  However, if helper must be told more than three times to complete a task or if one of the below rules need reminding more than once, then the task will be given to another person.

 2-Please wear form fitting (not tight, not baggy) comfortable clothes and on Fridays please wear your Nagata Dance T-shirt.  Please no tight jeans or short shorts and no holes in clothing or see through shirts.

 3-No eating in the Studio. Please eat when the dancers eat snack and lunch. If you are on a break, you may eat in the cobblestone circle.  If food or gum are being consumed inside the studio, we will warn you one time and write it on the white board.  The next time, we will ask you to remain at home the next day and return the following day.

 4-No personal cell phone use unless you are a Counselor on a break.  This includes texting and listening to music.  Please wear a watch to keep track of time and bring a book for times of no duties.    

Please take note. 

Counselors will be given sensitive information and they are required to keep information such as codes, combinations and camper history private.  Counselors are NOT allowed to use their phones or I pods during camp hours (8:15-3:15 p.m).  Parents of counselors can call or text the Studio cell or lead teacher at any point during the day.  There is ABSOLUTELY NO food or shoes are allowed in the studio.